Winter Van Alstine

Born in Aspen, Colorado, Winter is no stranger to the surrounding mountains here. As a true native resident, she has fallen in love with this small town and has come to know this distinctive and exceptional community well. With a background in Title Insurance, she has actively closed hundreds of real estate transactions for clients; always striving for the ultimate client satisfaction and exceptional customer service. Winter knows that owning a home in Aspen is perfect for the client who seeks pristine beauty and year-round world-class culture interwoven with the ultimate active mountain lifestyle. With an excitable drive of her own, she has developed a special love for skiing, biking, hiking, trail-running, and climbing many of the surrounding 14,000 foot peaks throughout Colorado.

Winter has traveled the world extensively and has developed a deep care for people. She is proud to acknowledge that she values integrity and personable client interaction. Her experience with different cultures and a wide range of people has given her an invaluable perspective. She maintains an impressive record of consistently meeting a client’s professional business needs while her enthusiasm and optimism is a genuine reflection of her belief that Aspen is by far, one of the most beautiful and uniquely special places on Earth.